Anchors Associates of Naples is a full service Management Company offering the following services:

The Anchor Team will maintain continuous support levels throughout the entire year. Below are some of the highlights of our professional services:

  • Weekly or bi-weekly community inspections
  • 24 hour emergency services
  • Promptly prepare and issue payment for all expenses related to the operation and management of the Association from the Associations funds
  • Complete Walk-through Inspections for covenants and restrictions compliance
  • Vendor Procurement and Oversight
  • Oversee other vendor services
  • Promptly address homeowner and neighborhood concerns
  • Prompt deposit of accounts receivables
  • Provide alternate and convenient payment options for homeowner dues payments
  • Initiate and manage collection efforts for delinquent homeowner accounts
  • Assist with enforcement of architectural guidelines and deed restrictions
  • Organize Board Meetings and Member Meetings
  • Preservation of Records, warranties and all pertinent documents
  • Physical and electronic storage of your official records as required by Florida Law
  • Manage all ongoing aspects of the community
  • Deliver continuous communication support
  • Budgeting Process – Prepare the proposed budget each year for the Association’s approval at the Annual Budget Meeting. Budget process includes contacting vendors for input and a prebudget workshop with Board Members for input. Final Budget with a Reserve Schedule is then sent out to the members of the Association. The Association has the option of mailing out Coupon Books to Owners or Quarterly Invoicing through financial management software.
  • Financial Reports – Accurate monthly reports on an accrual basis includes Balance Sheet, Income and Expense Statement with budgeted vs. actual figures, Cash Disbursements, General Ledger Trial Balance, Bank Statements and Reconciliations and Delinquent Reporting.
  • Owner Payment Options – Residents can easily and conveniently make assessment payments by mailing checks directly to a lockbox from their bank accounts or by using their own online bill pay. We also offer automatic debit from Owner’s bank account at no charge. Owners also have the option to pay by credit card or “e-check” through a 3rd party vendor at a nominal charge.
  • Collection Process – Timely notification to Owners and the Board of any delinquency.  We follow the Association’s Policy to collect any outstanding balances. When necessary, we will work with outside counsel or collection agency to collect balance due to protect the Association’s interest.
  • Vendor Management – All Vendors will be monitored for appropriate insurance and insurance requirements.  Vendor invoices approval go through a two-step process.  Checks signing will be customized for the need of each Board.

The Anchor Team understands commercial association management is different than the management of homeowner’s associations and condominiums. Commercial associations are subject to distinct requirements as well as specific laws and administrative code. We realize our commercial association customers are comprised of fellow businesses, business owners and corporations all busy doing what they do best so let us do what we do best for you, so you don’t have to.

The Anchor Team has the expertise to manage your commercial association.  We can add value to your organization with appropriate budgeting, short and long term strategic planning and enforcement of restrictions to maintain property value and overall market perception of your spaces.

Vendor management is the ongoing management of suppliers, their standards and practices. Vendor Management has proven to be a key role in the
success of our business. Vendor relationships have been created to increase overall client satisfaction, reduce costs and to offer better quality and
better services from these vendors.